Launch your own ICO Token

ICO Software is a full featured complete software solution to launch your own ICO Token ( ERC20 Based ) and ICO Crowd Sales Website

What is ICO Software

ICO software is well designed, full-featured web application with integrated ethereum wallet and powerful admin control panel. The admin control panel enables you to set up your ICO Events and launch your ICO Pre-sale and sales. The ICO software readily serves the 12 use cases the industry demands


A complete software solution

Serving 12 Usecases of ICO Setup, Sales & Promotion

ICO Web Presense

For any ICO Success, the ICO sales website and presentation plays a key role. This acts as the first selling point. Our team will provide a visually rich website.


ICO Event Scheduler

The most successful ICO campaigns need planning in ICO Event schedule. ICO software provides the tools to schedule your ICO event with proper token rate & bonus.


Air Drop

AirDrop is key marketing activity and ICO Software has the built-in controls to carry out airdrop activities to whitelisted wallet addresses.


ICO Pre-sales & Sales

ICO Software with in-built Ethereum Wallet and the Payment Options for ETH, BTC, USD and 70+ Cryptocurrencies powers ICO Pre-sales and sales.


Affiliate Program

ICO Software has the tools to get Referral Commissions and 5 Levels of Network Commission. This helps the ICO Promotion takes advantage of MLM and Network Marketing


ICO Bounty Manager

ICO Bounty Manager helps you to set up multiple ICO Promotional Activities and set up rewards. The user can complete the activities and claim rewards.


Etherum Wallet

Connected to Ethereum Server via JSON RPC, ICO software acts as an Ethereum Wallet and serve the purpose of Send / Transfer of Tokens.


KYC Compliance

ICO Software has built-in tools for getting industry standard KYC Information and store them safely for processing.


Document Manager

ICO Software serves the purpose of presenting the White Paper and Lite paper or any sort of documents with Version to the ICO Target audience.


Coin Staking

ICO Software has a built-in investment program to help the ICO Promotors to attract the Investors through Coin Staking


Coin Lending

ICO Software has a built-in module to facilitate the lending of the coins or tokens and help investors to earn extra.


Coin Exchange

ICO Software has a built-in module to help investors to carry our member to member token exchange in a secure way.


Engineered for the Most Demanding Requirements

ICO Software is the project that took more than 800 hours for development. By using ICO Software as the base, you can save in a great deal on development hours and speeding up your time to market.


The ICO Software is developed with standard coding practices and tested for security


The ICO Software is complaint with KYC and AML standard

100% Source Code

The ICO Software is developer friendly and our code is 100% open to extend.


The ICO Software is tested with horizontal Load Balancer setup.

Getting Started

With our experience in handling software projects, we come up with a process flow that helps to speed up the requirement gathering, requirements validation, design & development, and Implementation.

ICO Getting Started Guide

Download the ICO Started Guide

We developed a Guide explaining the basics of ICO. Please check and download the ICO Guide. It will help you to understand the common methodology followed in successful ICO

ICO Getting Started Questionaire

Fillout the Questionaire

Spend some time to fill out our ICO questionaire. It collects the basic information we needed for the development of the token & website.

ICO Software Demo

Checkout Public Demo

We set up the public demo with testnet servers and test ERC 20 contract. You can check the complete buy/sell/exchange process.

ICO Developer NDA

Signup NDA

The project begins with a professional Non-Disclouse Agreement signed between the developer and the client

ICO Code Development

Design & Integration

Our team will start working on the landing page design & creation of the ERC 20 token and deploying them in the server

ICO Testing

Alpha Testing

Our team will set up the testnet servers and connect the web application to use the testnet servers. Your team can start testing.

ICO Launching Script

Go Live

After testing, the site is secured with a firewall and connected to live servers and go live.