Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer full source code ?

    Yes, we are giving the full source code. The source code is delivered as an access to GitLab Private Repo. This allows you to communicate with developers and get code updates.

  • Do you offer hosting services for Web & Etheruem, Bitcoind Servers ?

    No, we are not offering hosting services. For elite bundle we install them and setup livenet or testnet as needed.

  • Do you author the ERC 20 / ERC 223 Token ?

    Yes, we do. This is the part of the package. Please contact the support team for questions related to token creation

  • Do you author White Paper or Lite Papers ?

    No, we don't. Our scope is only limited to providing the needful to publish the white paper on the web application

  • Howlong it will take to launch the ICO site ?

    Generally 12-15 Days, based on your design requirements.

  • Do you provide ICO Marketing ?

    No, currently we are not. We are working with top notch ICO Maketing Agencies