ICO Software is a full featured complete software solution
to launch your ICO Crowd Sales Website

With the adoption of technologies like Ethereum and Hyperledger, it is now possible for any business group to think and evolve a Block Chain on their own.

ICO Software help our clients in setting up the ERC20 Tokens, ERC 223 Tokens and ERC721 Tokens. We also do the ICO Launch websites with wallet system and payment gateway integration to facilitate the ICO CROWD Sales.

Key Features of the ICO Software

ERC 20, ERC 223 Support

The system readily support ERC 20 and ERC 223 standard contracts and also support any contract which base the ERC 20 Token.

ERC 721 Support

With the simplified tweaks the script also adopts to ERC 721 Token.

Ethereum Wallet Ready

The script is designed to work with any Ethereum Server Setup. The script connects to the Ethereum Node with RPC and creates a Wallet for each registered user. This makes it easy for onboarding the user.

Powerful Landing Page

The landing page is Designer Friendly and Powerful. It includes sections for Token sales count-down timer, Token Exchange Rate and Bonus Calculator and easily plugable cms components.

Countdown Timer

The count down timer acts as a catalayst for Sales Conversion and also add visual appealing to the landing page

ICO Sales Through Distributors

The system is designed with Distributor based sales. It makes it easy for ICO sales through your partners. Administrator can set the bonus terms and pricing for ICO Token sales.

ICO Events and Event Bonus

It is easy for Administrator to schedule multiple events for ICO and sell the Tokens at a specified price and bonus. The system has controls to set the price for ICO.

Free Tokens on Registration

Giving free tokens is been a keymarketing strategy to develop the community and user base. We set up the controls and options for administrator to set FREE registration token bonus.


ICO software has the built-in air drop module, which faciliates the give away of free token to whitelisted users.

Bounty Program

Bounty programs are the effective way to motivate the community participation and increase the active user base. ICO software include the tools to conduct bounty program effectively

Unique Referral Link

The system auto generates an Unique Referral Link for each user and this link can be used on recruiting new users

Social Sharing

With integrated social sharing utility, the user can share the link to Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks

Refferal Commission as Token

Giving away referral commission is the proven maketing methodology for growth and speec-up registration and sales. The system comes with controls to set Referral Commission.

Multiple Level Commission

The system also includes the options to set sales commission to be distributed to multiple levels. The commission can set as percentage.

Exchange Rate Calculator

The system includes an exchange rate calculator which helps the users to find exchange rates from Token to USD/ BTC / ETH.

Integrated Payment Gateways

The software is integrated to receive payments directly on ETH and BTC. Also it supports 70+ payment categways through Coin Payments and multiple crypto currencies with ShaptShift

Token Freeze / Unfreeze

To stabilize the market, the common strategy adopted is the Token Freezing. We have developed the controls to do this effectively. The token freezing can be controlled through smart contract or through sales database.

Sell / Exchange / Share Tokens

The system also comes with the additional controls to sell / exchange or share the Tokens. The fee and exchange rate can be set by the admin.

Wallet Address Whitelisting

To cater the demands of legal agencies and AML procedures we included the Wallet Address white listing process.

User KYC

The system includes a simple KYC module which collects the basic information from the users and can be verified through manual.

White Paper & Lite Paper

White paper and lite papers acts as the key factor in any ICO. We made it easy for ICO admin to update the White Papers from admin panel.

Team Profiles

The CMS Backend includes the controls to add the Team profiles. The team profiles summary view is rendered in homepage and the detail view is rendred in its own page. The profile includes Name, Job Title, Social lInks and a description brief

News Feed

The system also includes a news feed which reads the news from RSS Feed.

News & Announcement

The system includes the news module. The admin can publish the news from the backoffice


The system includes a newsletter subscription box and a back end module to send the Newsletters to all subscibers

QR Code for wallet

The QR Code based address presentation simplifies the process and help the user to just scan and send token / crypto

Invite Users

The invite user via email acts as tool for user to develop his network and also acts as maketing tool for the ICO Promotors

Google 2FA

Google Two Factor autentication acts as a Secondary Secure Layer and ensure the identify and prevent the unauthorized access.

Google Recaptcha

The key forms are protected by Google Recaptcha, this acts as blocker for bots and any automated scripts.

Automated Token Transfers

The Token Transfer on Sales / Transfer / Exchange event are automated. No need for admin to do nay manual transfers.

Email OTP / Mobile OTP

The system designed to set Email OTP or Mobile OTP for the access to the member dashboard.

Integrated Ticket Support

The ICO software includes an integrated ticketing system. This makes it easy for admin to track the user complaints and address them easily.

User Login Alerts

The Login & other important events are auto mailed as Notification to the users to ensure security.

Add-On Modules

All add-on modules are the part of Elite Bundle. They also made available in lite bundle, please contact support team for more details.

Mobile Wallet App

A secure mobile wallet app will act as a great tool for promotion and serve as major selling point in user acquistion

KYC / AML Integration

ICO Software also includes the module for working with External KYC / AML API. We will integrate to any KYC / AML provider as demanded.

Lending Program

The Elite Bundle also includes the Token Lending Module, this helps the ICO Developers to maximize the efforts and keep the control over the market

Coin Staking Program

The coin staking also an important concept in ICO deployments. This helps the ICO Promotors to attract investors and control the money flow.

Ticker API

Ticker API is useful for ICO Promoters to develop the widgets and code snippets or widgets for the use in external websites.

Exchanger API

Exchanger API is useful for ICO Promoters when they want to go for publishing the coin in exchanges.

Key Admin Features

Secure Admin Panel

The admin panel is secured by (One time password) OTP and Single User Session. This make the admin panel secure.

Graph Rich Dashboard

ICO Software dashboard is well designed and loaded with powerful graphs, serving the purpose Visual Data Presentation

Key Stats

The key stats section in admin panel, helps the administrator to get the complete overview of the ICO Sales

User Management

Complete user management controls to Add, Activate / Block, Reset Password, Mail to User, Wallet and Balance Details and complete user actvity details and lohin history

User Impersonatation

User Impersonate helps the admin to login as user and trouble shoot in case of any complainences.

Distributor Management

Admin has the complete control over distributors and can create the Distributor and manage their token Balances.

Commission Settings

Admin panel has the module to set the Referral Commission and Network Level Commissions.

Fee Settings

Admin can set the Minimum and Maximum Token Trasnfer Limits and Fee for the Transfer

IP Blocking

The admin can block the IP or group of IP. This IP blocking acts as additional security option.

Reserved Usernames

Reserved usernames is a key control to block some usernames like "support", "master", "country-head" from public registration.

Support Staff

Admin can create multiple support staffs. Staff accounts only access to the user tickets.

Ticket Support

Admin can set support ticket categories and set them auto assigned to the Staffs.

File Manager

File Manager in the admin panel is the useful tool to manage the Image assets and PDF assets.

Online Users

The admin panel has the utility tool to list all the users currently logged in and Online.


Admin can send the message to any users in the system. The messages are reflected in Users Dashboard.

Mass Mail

Admin panel has the utility tool for sending mass mail to all the users. The mails are queued and processed one-by-one.

FAQ Management

From admin panel, the admin can add frequently asked Question and Answers. This tool supports multi-language.

Pages / Content Management

All pages include the Privacy, Terms, About pages are editable from admin. Also admin can create and manage the pages.

Landing Page Management

Admin can manage all the Text content in the landing page easily.

Social Links

Admin can set the social links to display on the footer of the website.

News Management

Admin can add the News and set the publish time. News editor is WYISWYG type.


Admin can publish the key announcment related to the ICO Program through the website.

Document Management

Admin can upload any document like PDF and users can simply download them from the website.


Sliders in the website are editable by the admin. Sliders helps to serve as a Visual attraction for website.

Team Profile Editor

Admin can add any Team Member Profile. Team Member Profile section includes the Name, Summary, Profile Image and Social Links.

Bonus Settings

Admin can set the Bonus as Amount or Percentage. Generally bonus delivered as Token.

Registration Bonus / Free Token Settings

Admin can set the Registration Bonus or Free Token. The Bonus can set on Registration or on First Purchase.

Maintainence Mode

Admin can set the website on Maintenance Mode at any point of time. This will help admin to carry on any Maintenance activity

Login ON / OFF

In admin panel, we have a settings to set Login ON or OFF. This serve for Maintenance purpose.

Registration ON / OFF

In admin panel, we have a settings to set Registration ON or OFF. This serve for Maintenance purpose.

Global Member Token Transfer ON / OFF

From admin control panel, it is possible to ON / OFF Token Transfer from Member to Member. This setting is Global.

Technical Highlights ICO Software

Smart Contract

Our team will code the ERC 20 Contract and help you to deploy the contract in Testnet and Livenet.

100% Open Source Code

We deliver the code as 100 % Open Source Code and you are free to customize and add new modules on them. The source code delivered as GIT Repo.

Laravel + Vue JS

The code is developed on the PHP Laravel Framework. VueJS is used for developing the front end design components


The ICO Software supports Multi-Launage, the admin can add the Langauge they wanted through the admin panel.

Free Installation

TThe software installation is free. Our team will install the software on your VPS.

Free ETH Testnet

Our team will also setup the Free Etherum Testnet server for you to test the system

Technical Support

Our team is committed to give 60 days of free Technical support. The technical support can be extended with simple contract. Contact support team for Tech Support Cost.